Hagro 625 Lighting

The Premium 625 is a new type of 400 Watt light fitting that has been designed for the larger livestock buildings.

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Large livestock buildings, with a 30 metre plus span, are often very high which means that conventional lighting often has to be suspended at a lower height. At a height of 7 metres the Premium 400 has a 20 metre wide spread, so in many cases it can be suspended from the roof  structure. The Premium 400 light fitting has a stainless steel housing that can withstand an aggressive environment. Even the reflector in the Premium is made from polished stainless steel which means that it will not lose its output over the years.Features: High-quality stainless steel housingBayonet fitting for easy lamp replacementFitted with safety glass400 Watt modelAvailable for both high-pressure sodium and metal halogenThe Premium 625 light fitting makes it easy to replace the lamps. The base of the lamp is secured in the light unit by means of a water-tight bayonet fitting  which allows the lamp to even be replaced using one hand.In addition, the pre-switching gear for the Premium 625 is mounted separately. If the pre-switching gear is mounted inside the same housing as the lamp with a 400 Watt gas discharge light fitting then the high temperatures reduce the lifespan of the switch gear. The Premium 625 has a solution for this: the pre-switching  gear is mounted in a separate housing as a result of which the temperature  stays well within the acceptable limits.

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